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MRO Management

MRO Management is our solution to provide you with a complete overview of all maintenance activities for the full fleet in a highly effective way. By digitalizing the entire process communication, it brings all the participants together in one place, enabling every team member to share information easily in real time.

One solution for asset sourcing,
MRO monitoring and accounting

Maintenance layovers suffer from the vast amounts of information flowing back and forth between an MRO and the aircraft operator. MRO Management simplifies and streamlines this communication with a mobile application that digitalizes the current paper-based maintenance reporting. As a result, the information is transported much more quickly and conveniently, providing you with real-time transparency on every step of a MRO event. The wide range of features assists you in your work to ensure you never have to wait for crucial information that other team members already have. MRO Management works for any maintenance provider and airline. It is fully accessible from any type of computing device from a desktop PC to a smart phone. 

To meet your needs, we currently offer three different services within MRO Management:

AVIATAR - MRO Management - Sourcing


This is your single source solution for all part and tool demands. The application provides transparent availability of all materials – currently including LRUs (Line Replaceable Units),  ARCs (Aircraft Related Components), C&E (Consumables & Expendables) and tools. You can search for part numbers or descriptions, find alternative materials and filter for certificates, condition or location. Quotations can be requested directly through the application. Interested in signing up? Get in touch here!

Your benefits

  • open access and easy registration
  • live availability of all kinds of material and tools in one place
  • requests parts and tools directly via the application
  • up-to-date overview over all requests
AVIATAR - MRO Management - Monitoring


Our solution will enable you to immediately identify critical items/events independent of your MRO provider. We provide you with an up-to-date overview of all your planned, current and completed events. Based on the details provided in a structured and standardized way, critical issues can be spotted immediately and actions can be taken via streamlined communication and fully digital approval processes. The function is currently available for base maintenance, engine and landing gear events – including the possibility for live video conference calls from the workshop. Contact us here!

Your benefits

  • streamline your communication on a single platform
  • track your event progress from anywhere at anytime
  • focus on TAT critical items and decide on immediate actions
  • have one standard for all events independent of the MRO
AVIATAR - MRO Management - Accounting


Our accounting solution provides a complete overview of your event related open invoices and further finance related documents. Invoice copies, supplemental documentation and an automatically updated Excel overview can be downloaded directly. Issues that require clarification can be addressed directly within the application. The status of your requests is being updated instantly for best in class transparency and to support your internal processes. If you want to have more information, please contact us here.

Your benefits

  • access your company's latest statement of accounts and check the status of your invoices
  • download invoice copies and other related documents
  • directly address your invoice related matters within the application

Your personal contact

AVIATAR - Martin Schittko Product Lead MRO Management

Martin Schittko

Product Lead MRO Management

Lufthansa Technik AG

Hamburg, Germany