Improve your efficiency and planning capabilities

Layover Monitoring is the key function of AirGlance on AVIATAR, which is available for every airline and MRO provider.

It provides you with a complete overview of all your maintenance events and important KPIs in one single place during base maintenance events for example. Closely monitor the progress of your layovers and be notified for every change of status wherever you are.

Loan and exchange of large components often using composite structures is the focus of the marketplace marc on AVIATAR.

Saving time and money, marc is a real-time search engine with the world’s largest pool of serviceable airframe related major components of nacelles for example. It gives you product specific information in real time and allows you to send an offer request easily.

Staffing is the function of the digital marketplace StaffNow on AVIATAR which brings aircraft maintenance contractors and MRO companies together for flexible maintenance operations - saving time and effort by providing direct communication and standardized processes.

The workload and right staffing at MRO companies can be extremely volatile because of the traditional winter peaks and summer lows as well as due to other unpredictable factors in technical operations of aircraft.

Tool loan is the function of the smart solution ToolNow on AVIATAR supporting the aircraft tooling business.

In case of an urgent tool need caused by unplanned finding, companies such as airlines and MROs are trying hard to find a suitable provider; sometimes without success, but always with a lot of effort, money spent and time wasted.