Condition Monitoring

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Your entire fleet on a single screen

Monitor the condition of your aircraft and all of its systems in real time and also during flights - anytime, anywhere.

Your aircraft constantly generates lots of data. AVIATAR's Condition Monitoring solution utilizes the data from different sources to provide you with an unrivalled overview of your aircrafts' current status and its components – in flight and on the ground – by consolidating all the data in real time. This enables your MCC (Maintenance Control Center) as well as the troubleshooters and system engineers to proactively manage the condition of your  whole fleet on a single screen or mobile device.

It allows your Tech-Ops (technical operations) team to improve planning, coordinating and preparing of maintenance tasks and other required activity to maximize the reliable operation of your fleet. Tech-Ops is immediately notified on the main dashboard, if any of your aircraft experiences a critical incident, which allows your team to quickly analyze the situation in depth also using other apps available on AVIATAR. By combining the operational data of your fleet with the data from your maintenance, engineering and information system (i.e. AMOS, Trax or similar), you can easily trace the action that was taken in the past when a particular fault occurred and immediately react accordingly.


You receive real-time data from your aircraft - flight leg and times (e.g. OOOI), ACMS (Aircraft Condition Monitoring System) reports (standard/customized), fault messages and other maintenance information like troubleshooting manuals. All these data is displayed in AVIATAR's unique modular frontend, which is designed for an optimal user experience. AVIATAR Condition Monitoring provides you with flight schedules and ground time event information for each aircraft - including annotation tool for notes and comments and an automated link to the Troubleshooting Manual and the Fault Isolation Manual.  

Key advantages

Condition Monitoring provides you with a fleet monitoring solution, which allows you to integrate aircraft from different manufactures on a single screen. More detailed error messages with relevant context data from your maintenance system and automated monitoring of faults and alerts allow your technical team to take well informed decisions on a short notice and document within the team at the same time. Direct communication with the flight crew is also possible any time and all solutions are connected within the AVIATAR platform. 

Available for all aircraft types which send decrypted fault messages and ACMS messages including A320, A350, A330, A340, 777 and more coming soon.

M&E-connections: AMOS, TRAX, Sceptre and more planned.

Condition Monitoring


  • Real-time data from the aircraft integrated with airline maintenance and flight-ops systems  
  • Flight schedule information available for each aircraft and the whole fleet
  • Numerous aircraft types already available including Airbus and Boeing aircraft and more to come soon

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