Condition Monitoring

Your entire fleet on a single screen

AVIATAR's Condition Monitoring gathers data from various sources to offer an unparalleled overview of your aircraft's current status and components. This aids MCC, troubleshooters, and engineers in proactively managing your fleet's condition via a single screen or mobile device. Critical incidents are promptly relayed on the main dashboard, enabling swift analysis using other AVIATAR's applications. By merging fleet operational data with real-time maintenance records, you can trace past actions and respond promptly for all aircraft types on a single screen.

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Display your aircraft data in real-time

You receive real-time data from your aircraft - flight leg and times (e.g. OOOI), ACMS (Aircraft Condition Monitoring System) reports (standard/customized), fault messages and other maintenance information like troubleshooting manuals. All these data is displayed in AVIATAR's unique modular frontend, which is designed for an optimal user experience. 

AVIATAR Condition Monitoring provides you with flight schedules and ground time event information for each aircraft - including annotation tool for notes and comments and an automated link to the Troubleshooting Manual and the Fault Isolation Manual. Get all the details you need as a troubleshooter in order to guide the flight or maintenance crew in case of a time critical technical issue.

Key advantages

Available for all Airbus aircraft (A220, A320, A330, A340, A350 and A380)

Available for Boeing 737 NG, 737 MAX, 777 and 787

M&E-interfaces to AMOS, TRAX, Sceptre and more

Detailed error messages with relevant context data

Direct communication with the flight crew

Automated monitoring of faults and alerts

Lars Kindler -

Lars Kindler

Product Lead Condition Monitoring

Lufthansa Technik AG