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Reduce operational disruptions. Save costs.

AVIATAR solutions can be easily combined to create the perfect match with your business needs. Our experienced experts are here to support you.

AVIATAR uses data from your airline ops, aircraft, maintenance systems and other external sources. It then turns that data into actionable insights that empower you and your team to achieve tangible results. AVIATAR includes different modules that can be combined to address your needs:

1. Monitor & Detect

Get a prioritized status of your fleet in real-time and trigger recommended action: AVIATAR lets you explore your aircraft status and detect failures during flight, allowing seamless transition into instant troubleshooting. 

Monitor and detect

2. Predict & Recommend

Avoid AOGs, operational delays, flight cancellations and shut down rates: turn unscheduled events into scheduled events with predictive analytics and identify failure trends of your fleet before they impact your reliability. 

Predict & Recommend

3. Plan & Optimize

Improve your efficiency and planning capabilities: AVIATAR enables you to optimize your flight ops and scheduled maintenance, related resources, manpower and time thanks to personalized alerts and recommendations. 

Plan & Optimize

4. Automate

Integrate different AVIATAR solutions to automate your entire flight ops and tech ops value chain, from maintenance actions to logistics orders. M&E system integration further eliminates manual errors, saves time and costs.

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