Benefit from the power of an integrated approach.

AVIATAR is in the unique position to combine decades of aircraft knowledge and engineering expertise with data science. That's why our digital solutions focus on the entire value chain, from predictive maintenance to automated fulfillment. What's more, AVIATAR gives you full flexibility to choose which MRO provider to use. 

How it works

AVIATAR uses data from your airline ops, aircraft, maintenance systems and other external sources. It then turns that data into actionable insights that empower you and your team to achieve tangible results.

Condition Monitoring

Your entire fleet on a single screen. Monitor the condition of your aircraft and all of its systems in real time and also during flights - anytime, anywhere.

Predictive Health Analytics

Predictive Health Analytics combines engineering experience and data science expertise to build use cases fitting perfectly to your needs. With live data from your aircraft, it's systems and components, we predict their behavior during operation.

MRO Management

MRO Management is our solution to provide you with a complete overview of all maintenance activities for the full fleet in a highly effective way.

Technical Logbook

Our Technical Logbook replaces the manual and paper-based process of capturing technical issues on ground and in the air.

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