All maintenance activities at a glance.

MRO Management enables MROs and operators to communicate efficiently during base maintenance and other MRO events. Our independent solution is available for any MRO provider or operator. It provides you with an up-to-date overview of all your planned, current and completed events. Based on the details provided in a structured and standardized way, critical issues can be spotted immediately, and actions can be taken via streamlined communication and fully digital approval processes.  

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Event Dashboard

By sharing the most relevant KPIs visualized in the event dashboard such as TAT, Job Card completion and milestone achievements, project management can be performed effectively. Easily highlight current progress in the work center diary and create TAT-relevant items to focus your customer’s attention on critical items and define corrective measures. This allows you to document the progress, challenges and decisions made during an MRO event without additional resources.  


Track your event progress based on reliable KPIs. All of your ongoing and planned MRO events can be monitored in the project schedule while also having data for all completed events across all bays easily available. 

Virtual Inspection

Use the possibility of live video conference calls during table inspections for example, to communicate with your customers immediately right from the workshop or use the document sharing feature to exchange files. This saves time, cost and reduces travel requirements to a minimum.  


The documents section can also be used during the preparation phase to plan the event and create transparency on what is missing before the MRO event even begins. Working with your customers jointly on current findings creates transparency in the non-routine approval process. 

Share Actions

Get digital approvals for additional labor hours or materials within seconds or allow customers to upload required documents quickly. Based on the approvals you already received via actions, you can easily create overviews of the additional cost of labor and materials in the commercials section to handle commercial topics smarter. And by raising your invoice electronically and settling disputes within the accounting application you can speed up your cash flow.  

Your benefits

Single platform

Streamline your communication

Track your events

See progress anywhere, anytime

Decide fast

Focus on TAT critical items and take immediate action

One standard

For all events - independent from the customer

Increase efficiency 

For over and above approvals

Share data

Achieve shorter turnaround times by using the same data