Your single source solution

MRO Management Sourcing is your single source solution for all part demands. It brings provider and demander together on one platform and enables communication and requests in new ways. The application provides transparent availability of all materials – currently including LRUs (Line Replaceable Units),  ARCs (Aircraft Related Components), C&E (Consumables & Expendables) and tools. You  can reduce manual effort and handle multiple requests as projects in an intuitive kanban view to track the RFQ Status. In addition, you can search for part numbers or descriptions, find alternative materials and filter for certificates, condition or location. Quotations can be requested directly through the application.

One for all

Enhance your sourcing capabilities for aircraft components and tools.

Simplify and streamline your selling process.

Improve existing ways of communication with your buyers.

Effortlessly manage and track quote status updates.

Gain unparalleled transparency and insights on market demand.

Easily fulfill customer requirements by providing component related documentation and certificates.

Provider Benefits 

Reduced manual effort due handling of multiple requests as projects in Kanban view allowing easy tracking of RFQ status.

Subscribe to get notified for your projects and components of interest and never miss a deadline or component request.

Upload your inventory stocks including specifications and certification to speed up the request / quote process.

In-App Chat to communicate with buyers on single requests.

Upload your component or tool related documentation to give proof to buyers on the quality statement of a component.


There are no special requirements applicable. Sourcing works without any IT interfaces. Just use your standard Internet browser or mobile devices. We can onboard you within a few days. 

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Easy Registration

Open access

Live availability

All kinds of material and tools in one place

Full transparency

Reduced manual effort due to full transparency of material availability

Direct request

Parts and tools can be requested via the application


Have the perfect overview over all requests

Higher Productivity

Due to standarized sourcing processes

Daniel Gerjets, Customer Success Manager AVIATAR

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Daniel Gerjets

Customer Success Manager AVIATAR

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