working together towards a more sustainable future 

We operate carbon-neutrally

We are a certified carbon neutral software solutions provider and thus pioneering among digital tech ops platforms in the aviation industry.

In close collaboration with SQUAKE, an independent and certified CO2 compensation platform, we have automated the calculation and accounting of our carbon emissions caused by the technical cloud and office infrastructure as well as ourselves when commuting or travelling for business.

  • From 2019 to 2021, we cut our footprint down to 50% by reducing operational emissions significantly – while the number of aircraft serviced on AVIATAR tripled at the same time
  • All remaining emissions we are unable to avoid are now fully compensated jointly with SQUAKE
  • We even compensate AVIATAR's emissions from the past three years via SQUAKE

We intend to conduct further studies in the near future in order to precisely quantify the emission savings that AVIATAR enables for our customers, for example by avoiding technical diversions or by optimizing aircraft performance and flight operations. Here, we expect even more impressive figures.

Philip Mende

Vice President Digital Fleet Services at Lufthansa Technik

While SQUAKE keep track on AVIATAR's emissions, they also ensure their seamless, transparent and verifiable compensation in carefully selected and certified social and ecological projects around the globe, like our current investments:

The reforestation project in Nicaragua

helps smallholder coffee farmers through combined planting of disease resistant coffee plants with other multifunctional trees to improve their income and contribute to an economically and environmentally sustainable coffee industry (Image: Copyright © SQUAKE) 

The wind power project in Karnataka, India,

reduces carbon dioxide emissions by using the kinetic energy of the wind to generate electric power (Image: Copyright © SQUAKE) 

Efficient stoves

for returnees in Burundi handed out by aid organizations in reception camps convince with an improved combustion requiring less wood and therefore reducing carbon emissions, household air pollution and associated adverse health effects (Image: Copyright © SQUAKE) 

The Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) project

sources and fuels the first viable carbon-neutral alternative to fossil-based jet fuel in order to reduce carbon emissions immediately (Image: Copyright © SQUAKE) 

We want to make the difference

Providing our entire digital solutions suite with the least impact on the environment is one step – but we want more. We are eager to support our airline customers with our product in optimizing their operations and thus reducing their emissions at the same time.