Technical Logbook

Welcome to your paperless cockpit

Seamless interface improves efficiency

Our Technical Logbook replaces the manual and paper-based process of capturing technical issues on ground and in the air. Moreover, with this seamless communication and collaboration between cockpit crew and maintenance staff the data quality and process efficiency improve significantly: Pilots now can easily access the aircraft status anywhere, anytime.

The Technical Logbook offers prefilled text blocks and automated input masks that capture technical issues of the aircraft during flight and on ground. It will replace time-consuming manual entries into paper books and thus improve data quality as well as transparency. 

Works with any device

The new solution works with any hardware (e.g. tablet, smartphone or desktop computer) and provides pilots with access to aircraft status anywhere and anytime. It also offers back-up processes in case of connectivity issues. Real-time data availability, directly connected with AMOS/M&E system (maintenance and engineering system), ensures maintenance on arrival and enables a seamless pilot-to-maintenance collaboration - leading to decreased turnaround times and costs by up to 75 percent. In addition, the standardized data structure helps you  to gain insight into trend analytics. We provide you with the highest degree of customization due to modular set-up and programming. Our  AVIATAR back-end enables best-in-class data and system integrations with high reliability. We developed the Technical Logbook with pilots and mechanics to ensure operational excellence.  


The feature set of the AVIATAR Logbook excels and continuously improves with numerous customization options to fulfill your needs for an optimized process and to comply with the authority's requirements.

The feature set includes, but is not limited to:

  • Briefing-, Cockpit-, Maintenance- and Cabin- Mode to best manage your aircraft's status anywhere anytime
  • Seamless integration with your Maintenance System and the option to connect to the EFB and other systems with AVIATAR and its open, but secure API structure 
  • Customize your input fields to reflect your optimized process
  • Link the connected systems to auto-fill or drop-down lists for a fast processing with the highest degree of data quality
  • Increased reporting and analysis functionalities with structured data even beyond Logbook entries
  • Offline access anywhere and anytime with reliable back-up processes in case of connectivity issues 
  • Provides ACARS communication if provisions exist and complaint suggestions based on fault messages
Gerben Bondt, Line Training Captain Wizz Air

Launch customer

Perfect solution for Wizz Air

Following Wizz Air's goal to become a paperless airline and to reduce it's environmental footprint significantly, Wizz Air is the launch customer of  our Technical Logbook. Due to its full integration with AMOS, meaning also live feed with both MOC (Maintenance Operations Center) and OCC (Operations Control Center), the solution will further enhance Wizz Air's Technical and Operational performance.  

Condition Monitoring, Prediction and the AVIATAR Technical Logbook save cost and help to improve our reliability.

Diogo Reu

Head of Maintenance & Engineering, Wizz Air Hungary

Especially during these difficult times for the aviation industry, it is AVIATAR's goal to help our customers to improve their processes digitally with new solutions. The modular Technical Logbook application will help our long-standing partner Wizz Air to not only benefit from direct efficiency gains but also enable them access to a completely new pool of real-time operational data. 

Dajana Kunz - Product Owner Technical Logbook

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Dajana Kunz

Product Manager Technical Logbook

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