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Line Maintenance Planning

Optimized short-term decisions

Line Maintenance Planning is an algorithm- based software tool for the continuous and automatical optimization of aircraft maintenance planning. Especially designed for short term planning the solution takes into account changes in operations and flight plans. Scheduling maintenance events is a highly complex task. But it becomes a real challenge when short term changes in flight operations occur. Whether the airways are congested, bad weather conditions prevail, or a flight has to be canceled for technical reasons – continuously changing frame conditions require constantly updated maintenance plans.

With Line Maintenance Planning this resource-intensive process mostly carried out manually is now supported by an automized digital solution. Line Maintenance Planning reduces planning effort and increases A/C availability. The software is connected to an airline's flight scheduling and M&E system thus constantly delivering planning proposals based on real time data. By providing forecast scenarios and a comprehensible data overview it allows for fast decisions that keep long term consequences in mind. The use of Line Maintenance Planning is independent of any aircraft type.

Line Maintenance Planning for parked aircraft

An additional feature to support during the current situation

Gain and keep an overview of all parked and stored aircraft of your fleet. Our tool now displays information about their status and location as well as the tasks that become due while parking or storing. Thus, the maintenance planners are supported in maintaining an overview of their parked fleet and in calculating the effort required during parking and reactivation. 

Customer benefits

  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with common flight scheduling systems
  • Authority approval not necessary
  • Improved productivity
  • Increasing aircraft availability
  • Enabling faster decision-making
  • Minimized planning effort
  • Automation of manual process
  • Reduction of human workload
Valerie Hermann

Valerie Hermann

Product Sales Manager Line Maintenance Planning

Lufthansa Technik AG

Frankfurt, Germany