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MRO Management

MRO Management is our solution to provide you with a complete overview of all maintenance activities for the full fleet in a highly effective way. By digitalizing the entire process communication, it brings all the participants together in one place, enabling every team member to share information easily in real time.

One solution for asset sourcing,
MRO monitoring and accounting

Maintenance layovers suffer from the vast amounts of information flowing back and forth between an MRO and the aircraft operator. MRO Management simplifies and streamlines this communication with a mobile application that digitalizes the current paper-based maintenance reporting. As a result, the information is transported much more quickly and conveniently, providing you with real-time transparency on every step of a MRO event. The wide range of features assists you in your work to ensure you never have to wait for crucial information that other team members already have. MRO Management works for any maintenance provider and airline. It is fully accessible from any type of computing device from a desktop PC to a smart phone. 

To meet your needs, we currently offer three different services within MRO Management:

Customer Benefits

  • Streamline your planning with dynamic and immediate information on layovers
  • Reduce maintenance process inefficiencies
  • Enjoy unprecedented transparency on current, future and completed layovers
  • Reduce turnaround delays with consistent real-time updates on the status of maintenance work
  • Eliminate searching for buried information in countless emails with highly transparent communication
  • Keep up to date on priorities and actions and ensure the most important maintenance tasks are completed first
  • Stay informed no matter where you are


  • Fleet Dashboard for a fully integrated overview of the Base Maintenance Activities for the entire fleet
  • Layover Dashboard to monitor the essential KPIs of a single event
  • Milestone Completion for monitoring the fulfillment of major maintenance tasks
  • Layover Progress to supervise the maintenance process on the basis of the job card completion rate
  • TAT Items to improve timing with early indications of potential delays
  • Material Tracing to track material consumption and identify critical supply situations
  • Commercial info to easily access contractual highlights and monitor budgets
  • Actions to accelerate the information exchange process between all parties involved and to highlight crucial issues
  • Push Notifications: Have immediate access to the latest developments around your aircraft

Key Advantages

  • Web-based, multi-device app enabling airlines and MROs to exchange information significantly faster and more efficiently
  • Clear overview and detailed information in real time - consolidated, user-friendly, and to the point
  • Easy to implement and fully independent of any MRO provider and OEM
  • Highly useful productivity tool enhancing efficiency in setting priorities and taking action
  • Valuable time-saver that eliminates the need for paper and email-based communication
  • Effectively minimizes delays caused by non-transparent maintenance processes

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