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RFP processes for aircraft base maintenance could not be more convenient, efficient and useful than with MROradar: a web-based solution that optimally supports you in creating RFPs more rapidly, distributing them to the service provider, and easily comparing all incoming proposals.

MROradar – outstanding simplification of the entire RFP process for airlines, lessors and MRO providers

To date, the entire RFP communication including enquiries, updates and changes has been processed manually by email, which is costly and time consuming for everyone involved. With MROradar, this is changing. The user-friendly RFP platform for aircraft base maintenance draws on extensive global industry experience. It maps every step from the creation of the RFP to the preparation of the bid sheet, and includes live status overviews as well as comment and Q&A functions. A/C operators or owners can generate requests for proposals in a standardized framework and publish them to their desired MROs with just one click, or simply by inviting them via email. In addition to considerable time savings, this results in perfectly comparable proposals and automatically generated bid sheets.

Customer Benefits

  • Increase productivity with an innovative approach that facilitates the entire RFP process
  • Gain access to the largest RFP network, enjoy a clear and  transparent overview, and be sure to find the optimal provider anywhere in the world
  • Easily compare and evaluate incoming proposals with unified forms that automatically create bid sheets
  • Adapt forms and bid sheets to your individual requirements with generic functions
  • Simplify RFP management by deploying MROradar as a dedicated communication channel, where all requests, documents, comments, questions and answers are automatically connected to a task.


  • Create RFPs that include all the necessary information and files
  • Quickly gain an overview of the market with a large number of MRO providers
  • Invite MRO providers to participate by email
  • Forward RFPs to selected providers with one click
  • Manage RFPs and benefit from communication features such as comments, questions & answers, and notifications
  • Access live status overview of published RFPs
  • Create bid sheets automatically
  • Simulate total costs
  • Next round & shortlist functions

Key Advantages

  • Largest and still expanding MRO provider network
  • Highly intuitive to use browser-based app requiring no installation
  • Considerable acceleration of all RFP process steps with smart unified forms
  • All-in-one app for RFP creation, transmission, communication, and evaluation
  • A lean and easy to implement productivity tool that provides real benefits to everyone in the industry from airlines and leasing companies to MRO providers