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How it works

AVIATAR uses data from your airline ops, aircraft, maintenance systems and other external sources. It then turns that data into actionable insights that empower you and your team to achieve tangible results. AVIATAR includes four foundational modules that can be combined to address your needs:

Digital MRO Solutions

Improve your efficiency and planning capabilities

Combine solutions to drive your outcomes.

Airlines’ operational challenges become more complex every day. At AVIATAR, we master that hurdle: we build comprehensive solutions that are entirely centered around your needs and goals.

"Size, needs, technical requirements. Every airline is different. That’s why we offer solutions, not products." - Sebastian Breuckelmann (Customer Success Manager, AVIATAR)

Combine solutions to drive your outcomes

Interview with Sebastian Breuckelmann, Customer Success Manager, AVIATAR

AVIATAR comes in solutions. How does that make a difference to your customers?

Following a solutions-based approach means that we are fully focused on our customers’ needs. Our goal is to help every single customer to achieve better outcomes. That’s the reason why we don’t sell isolated products but end-to-end solutions. As a comparison, most of us know the situation when our car has an issue. The engine breaks or the car tire fails. Imagine all these cases could be predicted. On your daily journey to work your car shows an alert and tells you exactly what you need to do – even if it is something simple such as “change your tires within the next 200km”. This is helpful information as you planned to take a long roadtrip in the next week – now you can change your tires in advance and don’t have the issue of dealing with a tyre failure during your roadtrip. AVIATAR is very similar in that regard: we work closely with our customers so our solutions contribute to their unique needs and the most critical cases.

Can you give us an example?

OK, let’s say you are an airline and you want to avoid AOGs as they cause a lot of trouble, costs and bad reputation. For this purpose we combine real-time condition-monitoring with predictive analytics and automated processes that trigger the replacement of components or parts at the right time, even before they fail and cause downtime and related costs. We can even support in scheduling the right place and right time to undertake this work.

Isn’t it rather expensive and time-consuming to combine different solutions?

With AVIATAR the exact opposite is true. AVIATAR enables you to digitize your operational value chain end-to-end. The incorporation of multiple solutions across flight ops, tech ops and ground ops creates unique value. Historically, many airline operations tended to act in silos. AVIATAR is the chance to finally change that in a smart and efficient way, since it is based on a modular system: required functionalities and services can be quickly combined. It only takes 24 hours to connect your fleet with the core functions of AVIATAR. Ultimately, you get a comprehensive solution that drives your results and goals across your entire operations.

Partner with our team of experts, not just with our technology.

We build digital solutions that evolve with your business.

Change is accelerating at an unprecedented pace. Fostering the ability to quickly adapt has become a key success factor. That’s why we work closely with our customers before and after the initial roll-out – to create solutions for today and tomorrow.

Our promise: AVIATAR is for you.

Some people ask us if they can use AVIATAR even if they run different types of aircraft. Others wonder if existing long-term MRO contracts or certain IT systems would disqualify them to join. AVIATAR matches your whole fleet and is highly flexible to fit any of your needs.

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