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Airlines connect people. partsMate connects airlines. Through partsMate you get access to a trusted global network of peers to easily find and share aircraft parts, anytime, anywhere. It enables airlines to greatly simplify their material management and to share available parts with others. The award winning tool optimizes stock levels and cuts down tied-up capital.

Become a mate: reduce your stock while greatly increasing part availability

Day for day, airlines throughout the world unexpectedly need parts that aren't in stock. Until now, searching for such parts has been cumbersome and tedious. partsMate changes this by enabling airlines to easily lend their stock parts to trusted network partners.

This results in a number of immediate advantages: the availability of critical items at your outstations increases significantly, the time for searches decreases to under a minute, and warehousing costs are lowered as well.

The platform is as simple to use as Google. As a partsMate member you can locate and order the required part with just three clicks. partsMate empowers you to manage your own material stock, initiate a loan / exchange, and share related transaction documents while communicating with your peers. All in one place.

To support the decision-making process, partsMate calculates your part requirements on the basis of your operation. It makes use of Lufthansa Technik's powerful pool planning algorithms to forecast material demands and recommend further actions.

Customer Benefits

  • Increases overall availability of an airline's critical parts by connecting in a trusted asset-sharing network
  • Reduces flight delays and cancellations by increasing obtainability of critical components
  • Assists with optimum material stock management
  • Shortens search times
  • Optimizes an airline's inventory on the basis of individual operational demands
  • Reduces your dead capital and overinvestments
  • Increases benefits over time with more extensive use


  • Open platform for a trusted global network
  • Location and fit of compatible airlines
  • Overview of aircraft part stocks with estimate of service level
  • Only valid requests and valid responses (no ghost listings)
  • Immediate notification regarding your request
  • Continuous monitoring of every transaction stage with partsMate's seamless database on loans and exchanges
  • Decision support on whether or not a part should be offered for sharing
  • Open access for all authorized members of your organization to initiate, review, continue and close transactions
  • 100% support for paperless transactions

Key Advantages

  • Always up to date thanks to realtime inventory data
  • Wide-ranging features for the entire loan and exchange process
  • Immediate notification of availability
  • Rapid location of available parts with just three clicks
  • Lufthansa Technik's extensive asset management and pool planning know-how ensures unrivalled accuracy