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Skeyos Marketplace

Skeyos brings together purchasers and suppliers of component services to provide a transparent and efficient procurement platform for the world's MRO market. It works as one consolidated channel that enables the direct purchasing of component services through streamlined processes.

Efficiency improvements of sourcing component services

Skeyos is the new digital marketplace for the aviation industry where users can buy and sell MRO component services. In the past, the sourcing, evaluation and management of component services required hours of administration. A costly complexity that bore no relation to the comparatively insignificant net value of most standard transactions. Skeyos' revolutionary digital approach makes the process faster, cheaper, and simpler. It eliminates the traditional RFQ process and replaces it with an online marketplace with standardized terms and conditions. Every platform detail is designed for efficiency, including the scope for individualization.. Users can quickly compare offers worldwide and purchase directly via the platform. Everything from selection, payment, and tracking the order processing is neatly integrated in one package. Just register free of charge and see for yourself.

Customer Benefits

  • Saves valuable time by eliminating the whole RFQ process and enabling purchases directly through a single platform
  • Minimizes sourcing-compliance hassle by the integration of all relevant market information and automatically documented processes
  • Simplifies supplier selection through pre-approved and curated sellers
  • Improves order decisions with transparency on prices, workscopes, TATs, and certificates
  • Offers new business opportunities worldwide


  • Complete workflow bundled in one channel
  • Integrated communication channel
  • Tracking of repair process including  scopechanges and invoicing
  • Custom filters and individualization of all settings, e.g. filtering only preferred vendors
  • Live order status through integrated track & trace functionality
  • Range of payment options
  • Ranking algorithm for evaluating supplier reliability by on-time performance
  • Order history
  • Interface to sellers' and clients' backend for data exchange and integration into own systems
  • Integrated user management

Key Advantages

  • Independent of OEM, MRO and all other inquiring or offering companies
  • Large number of suppliers and growing number of customers
  • Complete workflow including fulfillmentand payment handling bundled in one channel
  • Superior market transparency
  • Significant reduction in effort for standard purchase of repair orders
  • Available as a stand-alone platform or integrated in own IT infrastructure, e.g. in ERP systems
  • User-oriented new technology approach developed in partnership with buyers and sellers