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Technical Logbook

Welcome to your paperless cockpit. The Technical Logbook replaces the manual and paper-based process of capturing technical issues on ground and in the air. Moreover, with this seamless communication and collaboration between cockpit crew and maintenance staff the data quality and process efficiency improve significantly: Pilots now can easily access the aircraft status anywhere, anytime.

Our Technical Logbook offers prefilled text blocks and automated input masks that capture technical issues of the aircraft during flight and on ground. It will replace time-consuming manual entries into paper books and thus improve data quality as well as transparency. 

“The solution was co-developed with pilots to enable seamless collaboration between pilot and maintenance”

Gerold Schierholz, Product Owner Technical Logbook

The new solution works with any hardware device (e.g. tablet, smartphone or desktop computer) and provides pilots with access to aircraft status anywhere and anytime. It also offers back-up processes in case of connectivity issues. Real-time data availability, directly connected with the M&E system (maintenance and engineering system), ensures maintenance on arrival and enables a seemless pilot-to-maintenance collaboration - leading to decreased turnaround times and costs. In addition, the standardized data structure helps you  to gain insight into trend analytics.

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AVIATAR - Frank Martens, Senior Director Sales Aviatar and Digital Products

Frank Martens

Senior Director Sales Aviatar and Digital Products

Lufthansa Technik AG

Hamburg, Germany