AVIATAR - The people behind

The People behind

Makers, innovators,
tech enthusiasts

Who we are and what we do

We are AVIATAR, the independent aviation platform. Within Lufthansa Technik we work with more than 1.000 data scientists, designers, developers, and engineers worldwide. We are empowered by decades of MRO and engineering knowledge thanks to our Lufthansa Technik roots. 

Meet some of the people behind AVIATAR:

AVIATAR - The people behind

Johannes Hansen

Senior Director Process Automation & Technology

AVIATAR has repeatedly proven to deliver results in short time. I'm passionate about pushing our industry's boundaries at such a pace. And our customers love it, too!

AVIATAR - The people behind

Gerie Pausch

Customer Success Manager

What fascinates me most about AVIATAR is the fact that we can optimize airline operation by integrating tech ops, flights ops and ground ops.

AVIATAR - The people behind

Mia Witzig

Product Owner
System Health Management Solution

Customer success is our most important KPI. That's why I value personal contact so much: to better understand their needs and contribute to their goals.

Our customers at the center of everything

We strive for mutual relationships that enable us to co-create with our customers. We believe the best work is based on relationships that are both value-driven and value-based.


We love speed. The first version of AVIATAR was developed within 100 days.


The basic features of AVIATAR are ready to use for our customers within 24 hours.


We offer 24/7 support for you.

Our key principals


We are fully committed to create value for our customers. How we get there? For example, by co-creating algorithms that enable highly effective predictive maintenance solutions.


We follow a comprehensive approach. One that looks for value creation by connecting the dots between online and offline, from prediction to fulfillment. This is where we and our customers truly benefit from our Lufthansa Technik roots: we take into account your entire operation.


We believe that the best long-term solutions are fueled by quickly learning from smaller feedback loops. This way we can be flexible and adaptable towards changing customer needs and external factors rather than trying to get everything right all at once.


Airline operations – from tech ops, to flight and ground ops – require many different skills, roles and backgrounds. It is no coincidence that at AVIATAR, we work in cross-functional teams. With diverse backgrounds, experiences and range of skills we can effectively solve the complex pains of our customers across their entir


We value a data-driven point of view over opinion or hierarchy. The result: transparent, better and faster decision-making processes.