See how airlines benefit from AVIATAR

Reduced costs. Optimized operating hours. Fewer operational incidents. These are just three examples of the value our customers gain from our unique combination of airline operation expertise, data science and engineering knowledge. You’re in good company: the world’s leading airlines trust AVIATAR.

“The results are in: smart aircraft that are better maintained, higher operational performance, efficiency and cost savings.“ - Christian Ambiehl (Head of Maintenance, Wizz Air)

“AVIATAR gathers and analyzes all the data we need to optimize our operations and to fix maintenance problems in a really short period of time.“ - Dominik Stingl (Aircraft Systems Engineer & Trouble Shooter, Swiss International Air Lines)

Accelerate your operations when time matters most

Detect, decide, execute. SWISS uses AVIATAR to monitor its fleet’s condition in real-time. This enables Switzerland’s leading airline to issue maintenance orders in case of a failure detection, even before the aircraft arrives at its destination.

Prediction is nothing without fulfillment. Benefit from the power of an integrated approach.


Being the digital flagship of Lufthansa Technik, AVIATAR is in the unique position to combine decades of aircraft knowledge and engineering expertise with data science. That’s why our digital solutions focus on the entire value chain, from predictive maintenance to automated fulfillment. What’s more, AVIATAR gives you full flexibility to choose which MRO provider to use.


Get quick access to data-driven insights…

It’s a situation familiar to many airlines: gathering relevant information can be a time-consuming and complex process. It often involves switching back and forth between different systems, interfaces and tools. However, things have changed at Wizz Air: “AVIATAR collects and uses data in a transparent and secured way, giving us full control of our own data.,” says Christian Ambiehl, head of maintenance at Wizz Air. AVIATAR matches with your whole fleet and your current system landscape. For example, it combines the maintenance data from AMOS with parameters and the fault message from the aircraft.

…and turn it into automated action.

Having your fleet’s data available in one platform is a big step ahead and it’s possible now. The benefit? A seamless user experience and integration of data along the flight ops and tech ops process chain. An increasingly connected and automated landscape becomes reality. “Aviatar actively reduces the workload of our team by providing the right information, instantly, at one single location,” says Sebastian Binz, teamleader strategy & innovation projects at Eurowings. The example shows how AVIATAR spans across all operational spheres - because prediction without fulfillment is worthless!

Let's take airline business to the next level


Benefit from the best of both worlds: thanks to our Lufthansa Technik roots, we know the MRO business by heart. At the same time, AVIATAR is the independent aviation platform: open for any commercial aircraft type and your MRO provider of choice.

Answers to your questions

What is AVIATAR?

AVIATAR is the independent aviation platform optimizing your entire operation, from predictive maintenance to automated fulfilment solutions. It combines profound airline operation expertise, data science and engineering knowledge.

What exactly makes AVIATAR an independent aviation platform?

AVIATAR can be operated independent of any Lufthansa Technik service contract and independent of your aircraft, engine type or component spectrum.

What is unique about AVIATAR?

AVIATAR streamlines your operational process chain end-to-end, including flight ops, tech ops and ground ops. Our solutions can be combined to match any airline’s individual needs and goals. Being the digital flagship of Lufthansa Technik, customers benefit from a unique combination of decades of engineering knowledge and airline operation expertise with data science.

How long does it take to implement AVIATAR into my systems?

AVIATAR is a cloud-based application, meaning its implementation is fast and requires little effort on your side. The user interface is self-explaining and requires no prior training. However, we do offer on-site support on request. AVIATAR integrates smoothly into you existing system landscape. By having several existing interfaces to the systems of the MRO and aviation IT, the basic features can be set up within a few days. If there is need for adaption we will make sure to keep the efforts on our side.

How do you ensure the security of the data?

As data security is one of AVIATAR’s key priorities, it enforces data encryption on all levels by applying strong algorithms combined with advanced security analytics and monitoring to detect threats, breaches and anomalies immediately.

Can I participate in the development process?

We encourage all our partners to actively engage in the development of AVIATAR, e.g. the co-creation of predictive maintenance functionalities (“predictors”). We are alway open for joint collaboration to improve your user experience.

Are you looking to constantly update and improve AVIATAR?

We continuously strive to enhance the status quo and increase the functionality AVIATAR. We do this in close collaboration with our customers taking into account the evolving market needs.

Can I take advantage of AVIATAR in case I run a mixed fleet of aircraft?

Yes, AVIATAR matches your whole fleet, independent of any particular aircraft type.

Is AVIATAR for me even if I have existing MRO contracts? Is the functionality of AVIATAR dependent on the MRO service?

AVIATAR can be used in conjunction with any MRO setup and is independent of any Lufthansa Technik service contracts.

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