The people behind: Mia Witzig

Meet Mia

Developing predictive maintenance with her team is what Mia, our Product Lead Predictive Health Analytics, is responsible for. She finds it fascinating how the different experts in the Predict & Recommend team, like engineers, troubleshooters, data scientists and full-stack developers, all contribute their expertise to the customer's goals and beyond. Get to know Mia:

Mia Witzig

Product Lead Predictive Health Analytics

What makes working at AVIATAR special for you?

Since I am a process and team driven person, I really enjoy the diversity and global reach of the AVIATAR team and its customers. In combination with the agile development approach, we develop solutions for aircraft to fly, because it gets very expensive otherwise. This is unique at AVIATAR, the only platform for digital tech-ops.

What does a typical day for you look like?

It depends, if it is a home office day, a day at our AVIATAR offices at the Lufthansa Technik base in Hamburg or visiting customers or teams abroad. All have in common that video conferencing has be become a standard no matter where you are. At the same time I also enjoy sessions with customers or colleagues for workshops or shadowing of users for example. Working with digital and aviation enthusiast means there is no nine to five attitude or a typical day.

Can you tell us about one of your most fascinating project?

Highlights are always when you are directly working with customers be it in Japan, the US or Switzerland for example. It just fascinating to see how all those airline engineers from different culture "speak" the same language, when it comes to the technical operations of aircraft. There is probably no other industry like aviation which can be so digital, physical and people driven at the same time. Developing predictive solutions for this industry by using artificial intelligence technologies is for me fascinating every day.

What is your favourite memory while at AVIATAR?

One of my favorites at AVIATAR was trip to Miami, where we met with a customer several times to define a process and an application, which allows engineers to monitor the technical condition of aircraft systems. During one of those trips we managed to attend a conference, where I also had a chance to present it to other customer from around the world and stay at a beach side hotel at the same time. This was a perfect balance between work and life, while the solution is now a key feature in our Predictive Health Analytics suite.