The people behind: Sebastian Lang

Meet Sebastian

Sebastian is our Head of Product Sales & Key Account Management for the Asia Pacific region. Explore what he loves about his daily job at AVIATAR's customer development and sales department. Get to know Sebastian and his story:

Sebastian Lang

Head of Product Sales & Key Account Management Asia Pacific

What makes working at AVIATAR special for you?

Many things actually. First, the team is amazing. Having such a positive drive in a young and dynamic environment really makes you enjoying your job. Second, the customer. Being close to the airline's technical operation from the management to the end-user and seeing how our solutions transform their strategy and daily processes is for sure special for me.

What does a typical day for you look like?

While our business is all about digital, aviation is still an industry that relies a lot on personal relationships and interactions. That is why I am travelling quite often to meet our customers on-site, which helps a lot to gain trust, foster supporters and drive our projects forward. To do that more efficiently and to build up a local team in APAC for closer customer support, I transferred to Singapore in 2020. A regular day though includes checking-in with my team and aligning with our HQ in Hamburg as well as our colleagues in the region to ensure the best support for our customers. Considering the time difference to Hamburg in Germany, long evenings do happen here and there.

Can you tell us about one of your most fascinating project?

Winning AirAsia Group was for sure an exciting project. AirAsia is a large and innovative airline spread out over 4 countries. Implementing our solution, including trainings, proof of concept evaluation and negotiations was a great experience. The working cultures also matched great and supported our partnership.

What is your favourite memory while at AVIATAR?

Seeing all people and teams again at the 5-year anniversary of AVIATAR was amazing. Besides that, the decision to move to Singapore for growing our business in APAC is something that will stay on my mind since it does change your life and the way you perceive things.