Reduce operational disruptions

AVIATAR solutions can be easily combined to create the perfect match with your business needs. The platform uses data from your airline operations, aircraft, maintenance systems and other external sources. It then turns that data into actionable insights that empower you and your team to achieve tangible results. AVIATAR is based on three key principles:


AVIATAR is open to partners, customers and developers.


The platform is independent of any OEM or MRO provider.


Individual product selection based on your specific needs.

Monitor & Detect

AVIATAR empowers you to monitor and detect crucial information about your fleet's performance. Gain a prioritized status overview in real-time and swiftly trigger recommended actions, ensuring optimal operational efficiency. Explore your aircraft status effortlessly and identify potential failures during flight. AVIATAR streamlines the transition into instant troubleshooting, minimizing downtime and keeping your fleet in top-notch condition.

Predict & Recommend

Don't wait for issues to disrupt your operations. Embrace predictive analytics and recommendations to transform unscheduled chaos into a well-coordinated symphony of success. Elevate your reliability with AVIATAR and discover the transformative gains of our predictive solutions.

Plan & Optimize

Unlock a new era of efficiency and planning prowess with AVIATAR. Experience the power of optimized flight operations and scheduled maintenance, all while efficiently managing your resources, workforce, and time. Personalized alerts and recommendations will be your guiding light. AVIATAR empowers you with a multitude of gains that redefine your aviation operations.


Take the leap into a future of efficiency and productivity with AVIATAR's automation solutions. From maintenance actions to logistics orders, we've got you covered. Our M&E system integration goes the extra mile to eliminate manual errors, saving you precious time and costs.

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