Our customers

Customer centric solutions

At AVIATAR, we take immense pride in our customer-centric approach. We firmly believe that our customers are not just clients; they are partners in innovation. This means actively engaging with the community to understand their specific needs and requirements. But what do our customers say about AVIATAR?


Data-driven insights

It's a situation familiar to many airlines: gathering relevant information can be a time-consuming and complex process. It often involves switching back and forth between different systems, interfaces and tools. However, things have changed at Wizz Air:

"AVIATAR collects and uses data in a transparent and secured way, giving us full control of our own data." AVIATAR matches with your whole fleet and your current system landscape. For example, it combines the maintenance data from AMOS with parameters and the fault message from the aircraft.


Automated actions

Having your fleet's data available in one platform is a big step ahead and it's possible now. The benefit? A seamless user experience and integration of data along the Flight Ops and Tech Ops process chain. An increasingly connected and automated landscape becomes reality. 

"Aviatar actively reduces the workload of our team by providing the right information, instantly, at one single location," says Sebastian Binz, teamleader strategy & innovation projects at Eurowings. The example shows how AVIATAR spans across all operational spheres - because prediction without fulfillment is worthless!

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